Away Days #3 Seattle Sounders


Seattle Sounders were founded in November 2007 as the Major League Soccer division expanded into Seattle. The name ‘sounders’ was chosen by fans in an online poll. With a very short history the Sounders have not won any silverware, though they did become only the second team in MLS history to win a competitive match in Mexico, in the CONCAF champions league against CF Monterrey. Seattle’s proudest achievement has to be its attendance records. The fans have sold out every single MLS league match, led the league in season ticket sales and set MLS records for average attendance. Seattle have also qualified for the MLS playoffs in their first four seasons. They also have a 53 man band that play songs at their games, rather like the England national teams band. They are called the ‘Sound band’ and march to each match playing songs. The supporters also belong to an association, similar to the ones seen at Spanish clubs such as Barcelona which allows them to vote on the sacking of the manager and other important decisions. The association is called ‘The Sounders FC Alliance’.

Seattle is a large sea port in the north-west of the United States of America. Seattle is now home to big computing companies such as Microsoft and has also become a centre for sustainable, green living. The city is very high rise, the highlight of the buildings being the Seattle Space Needle. An iconic structure, which also adorns the sounders badge, it offers a brilliant panoramic view over the trendy and modern city. It is 30 metres tall. If you are interested in art there is also an Olympic sculpture park with interesting sculptures such as a typewriter eraser on show.

Seattle Sounders play their games at CenturyLink Field, also home to the NFL team the Seattle Seahawks. It holds 67,000 fans however Sounders FC sometimes covers seats up, reducing the capacity. The stadium is very modern and striking.

The match to see:
Seattle Sounders V Portland Timbers. One of the most heated rivalries in American soccer, the rivalry has been going strong since the NASL league. It is also one of the only real ‘derby’ games in the USA.


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