4 reasons why Bale has to win the Player of The Year award ahead of disgraceful Suárez


The Players Football Association Players’ Player of The Year is awarded to the best player of the season in the Premier League. The players who belong to the PFA vote for who they think is the best player of the season. This year, the two main contenders appear to Luis Suárez and Gareth Bale. Here is why Bale is much more deserving of the award:

1) This is purely based on opinion, but I find Luis Suárez a much less exciting player to watch than Gareth Bale. Bale’s explosive speed, lovely left foot and close dribbling is much more exciting, to me, than Suárez’s style of play


2) Suárez has played 46 games this season, scoring 22 goals and assisting 14. Bale has played 47 games this season, scoring 28 goals and assisting 16. The stats then are in Bale’s favour, and whilst statistics aren’t everything, they do reflect the fact that Bale is even more influential than Suárez is for Liverpool. Bale also is more of a team player, contributing to the team more, and does not play directly up-front, whereas Suárez does. Bale also tracks back more than Suárez, adding more defensive rigour to Spurs.

3) Suárez has had many bad games this season. Despite assisting and scoring today, he had a terrible game today against Chelsea. Bale hasn’t really had a bad game all season, maintaining a very high level of performance. Bale also is much more clinical than Suárez. Suárez seems to need about 4 or 5 chances to score in a game, Bale usually scores with his first chance. During the period of Bale’s injury, Spurs seemed lost without him, highlighting his importance.

Tasty? Cannibal Suárez nibbles on Ivanović

4) Bale has been involved in far less controversial incidents than Suárez, and, also appears much more sporting than Suárez. The award for Player of The Year should not be given to a player who has caused the English game so much trouble and given it a lot of bad publicity. Even at Ajax, Suárez bit players. In England, Suárez has been banned for racism towards Patrice Evra, attempted blatant simulation in most games, acted disgracefully towards referees-showing dissent, and, finally, bit Branislav Ivanović today. He was lucky to even be on the pitch for his last minute goal, due to his mauling of Ivanović, a straight red card offence had an official seen the incident. He also could have been sent off for consistently arguing, sarcastically clapping, and shouting towards the referee: Kevin Friend. He has picked up an astonishing 11 bookings this season, a very high total for a forward. It must also be mentioned that Suárez has been very lucky not to be sent off this season on a number of occasions. Furthermore, Suárez has been a disgrace at international level for Uruguay. He showed terrible sportsmanship against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup, when he punched the ball off the line and then went wild when Asamoah Gyan missed the resulting penalty. More recently, he punched Gonzalo Jara in the face, Nottingham Forest’s on loan defender; during a World Cup qualifier against Chile. The only real controversy Bale has caused has been some of the cautions he has picked up for simulation. However, some of the cautions have appeared very harsh and the ‘dives’ look a lot less blatant than Suárez’s ones. With the speed Bale runs at, the slightest clip will send his body flying.

Punching Jara

So, if Suárez does win the PFA PLyers’ Player of The Year award, the English game will look like a complete farce to people around the world. Bale has been the better player this season, is more consistent, is more clinical and, is not one of the most controversial and horrible players to ever play professional football. These are strong words, but Suárez’s record justifies the use of them. One thing is certain, Ivanović and Evra will definitely not vote for Suárez! Suárezm despite his talent, might be moved on by Liverpool as the club gorws tired of attempting to defend his appalling behaviour. Liverpool fans and some Arsenal fans will probably not agree with me, but Bale has to win the Players’ Player of The Year award.

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